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Hyper Light Drifter

Trailer for this upcoming independent video game masterpiece Hyper Light Drifter. “Explore a beautiful, vast…

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Release: I was born in the galaxy of your eyes REMIXED

Includes reworked versions from Antigravity, Dfender, Orange & Blue and Okee. The remixes go from combat jungle styles from Orange & Blue, to a chilled out downtempo version from Dfender, a heavy and full sound that feels progressive in its own right without falling into specific ‘squared’ electronic genres, and a breakbeat version from Okee.

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Rat City es un distrito en la Ciudad de México, un estado fallido para el año 2084, el cual es escenario de un conflicto social ultraviolento entre ratas y la fuerza pública.

Latest Releases

Release: Slow Cooked

A powerful and organic mix of dub-electronica and dub-techno goodness. From it’s start with some happy dub rhythms ‘Shine’ following to deep grooves and dubwise versions you will get some nostalgia glimpses from the roots of dub, however with a very specific technological approach, not only heavy, tight and super-clean basslines but also with some great melodies and riffs finishing with a dance/techno dub version KAOS.


Artist: meeting by chance

Aztek Electronic Music is very proud to introduce Marcin Cichy; known for his work with Skalpel / Ninja Tune.

Meeting by Chance is a multi-talented artist from Wroclaw, Poland. An expert in the field of sound design, ambient and cinematographic sounds.

Not only producing successful music under the name of meeting by chance and skalpel, but also as an amazing visual and digital artist creating futuristic interfaces with sci-fi motions.

His music is an original hybrid of Dub and Minimal with granular sound design, ambient sounds and unique quality sound.

Latest Releases

Release: Rebel Styles

REBEL STYLES full length album is a masterpiece that breaks the convention about dub/reggae with an anarchic, combative and rebellious vibe – Rebel Styles moves from Punk to Dub, Cumbia and Techno all together tied up with powerful and vibrating horn lines, vocals and Nahuatl Jaguar trademark sound.


Event: Kompilation Vol.1

Celebrating the release of the Kompilation Vol.1 from Aztek Electronic Music. Featuring live music from Deepfried Dub (Dubmission, Iboga) , Nahuatl Sound System (AEM), Jaguar (AEM), Clandestine Voice, Galambo (RBMA, Lasorra!)

Latest Releases

Release: Original Daemon

The first dub-techno/electronica release from Nahuatl Jaguar more noted for his work and producing the more organic-oriented sound Nahuatl Sound System.


Japan Tour 2013

Aztek Electronic Music and Nahuatl Soundsystem spent almost 3 weeks in Japan. Performed in Tokyo, Chiba and Osaka. Great reception and amazing music talent! We are very excited to have been back from such an amazing tour – had the opportunity to meet great people, see amazing places, and perform with the best sound technology. Respect!


Manú Menéndez in AEM

AEM is proud to introduce to it’s talented artists: Manú Menéndez. A visual artist, illustrator, and graphic designer from Mexico.

Manú Menéndez’s art is inspired by the ancient cultures of the world. Shamanism, Eastern mysticism, the dreams and the connection with the holy spirit, are some of the pillars of inspiration of his work which integrates magically in the art of illustration, design and fine arts.


Raudiel @ AEM

AEM proud to present Raudiel: Visual Mexican folklor, skulls and tradition in visual. Raudiel was…


Deniol Alva @ AEM

AEM proud to present the colourful master of a new folklor, street-style Mexican art. Deniol…


Lowman in AEM

AEM is proud to introduce LOWMAN – The project from Mexican born, Australia-based Braulio Sanchez….


Dubsalon now on AEM

Aztek Electronic Music is proud to announce Dubsalon. AEM welcomes this talented Dub artist to…

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