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Sacred Sexuality Journeys for Women and Couples

The orgasmic hearts mission is to reunite women with the wisdom of sacred sexuality and the power of the feminine.

Orgasmic Hearts offerings are designed to be of service to the woman of today by giving her access to potent information and practices that support her confidence and embodiment. Orgasmic hearts is about women supporting women, building the connection of sisterhood through open dialogue and practice to anchor embodied sensuality and dissolve centuries of conditioned shame.

Orgasmic Hearts is the perfect portal for women who desire to be in touch with the energy of feminine flow. Orgasmic hearts women are supported to be fully empowered and to shine their light in the world more brightly. It is not uncommon at this time of our human evolution for many women to have become disconnected from the naturalness of surrender, sensuality and orgasmicness.

Orgasmic Hearts brings women back into the body, into the feelings while supporting her to access her highest potential. Orgasmic Hearts is intended to be a space for women to gather in community, with permission to explore the nature of what the authentic sisterhood calls us into being.

Orgasmic Hearts is inspired by modern tantra sexuality, BDSM, sexology, dance and sacred mysteries.

Orgasmic Hearts is a safe and supportive environment to be real, open and honest about the experiences of living as a woman.