Service, support and maintenance are the most essential elements to any online business. Because of this; Asevatu Digital provides a package to service, maintain and support a living, breathing online system. This package includes servicing in three different levels:

1. Server Level: Server vulnerabilities, updates, upgrades, file and databases backups, server-side security layers, server load management, real-time website monitoring – If it crashes, we get notified straight away.

2. Application Level: Web backend and skeleton, CMS, web apps, custom software, code and scripts, theme functionality and CMS plugins. Updates, vulnerabilities and upgrades.

3. Browser Level: Front-end interfaces for users, facilitators, administrators. Ability to create/edit/delete content from front-end, ability for users to look at history. Bugs, vulnerabilities and hack prevention.

In order for the website to be 100% healthy, it actively needs to be looked at in the 3 levels mentioned above. There are vulnerabilities, hacks, denial of service attacks, server overload, and a lot of variables for disaster, which can be of high risk to the business and to the information of your business’ customers and their data. In order to manage and mitigate this risk; Asevatu Digital has put in place systems to manage and provide service and maintenance for it’s online systems, for several reasons:

a) For the online business to be healthy and available,
b) For the integrity of data, privacy and security of it’s customers,
c) As a warranty against failure,
d) As a risk management system and mitigation of attacks, malware, spyware, spam and hacks.


As part of the service, support and maintenance monthly package. Asevatu Digital also provides technical support to the users (admins and end-users) of the online business; This includes guidance through any difficulty, explanation of systems, email and phone calls, and all of customer support – related to the front-end web systems and it’s usage.

Service & Maintenance

Updates are rolled out very often, in some occasions – every day; For the different plugins and software, in the 3 levels mentioned above for the online business. While all updates are important, there are many instances where an update can break other things; Asevatu Digital is committed to the research and implementation of technology, and as such – we make sure that your business is up-to-date, but without breaking current implementations, we are very aware of all changes and need to manage this intelligently so that the site keeps it’s operations without interruptions.

Backups are generated every day, we encrypt all backups which include all files and databases of the server, and we make sure they are kept in a safe and encrypted area. If there is a disaster scenario, Asevatu Digital is committed to restoring the site to it’s last well-known state.

There is also going to be the inevitable appearance of bugs and glitches, given the nature of any software, if there are known bugs – they will be looked at and fixed right away.