The on-demand economy gives the people what they want, now: rides, food, accommodation, and more. Your payments should meet the same high standards as your product experience: with just a tap.


The sharing economy has made life’s annoyances a little less irritating. In the old days, you would hail a cab on the street and pull out a $20 bill to pay the driver. Today, you find a Uber nearby using a smartphone app, and the app just charges your credit card. Very easy.

The platforms we create, allow your business to do the same; create a service that allows vendors to offer their services through your platform and customers who purchase their services.

Our sharing economy websites and apps, allow a customer payment to be split between vendor and business in the spot.

Give your business the advantage of hiring freelancers, independent contractors, etc.

We have partnered with Stripe, to give your business the best user experience possible when paying online.


We offer first-class support for subscription businesses. We create apps within your site and standalone apps to take all the work out of billing: we integrate your signup flow, add customers to a subscription plan, and we take care of the rest. Discounts, cancellations, subscription changes, multiple seats?
Allow your business to support all of that.


Give more power to your business – giving flexibility to it’s customers by allowing them to pay for your services or products on a payment installment plan. You can define the rules – for example; How many installments allowed, and the interval allowed (i.e monthly or fortnightly). Automatic payment reminders, failed payment reminders and intelligent algorithms for retrying failed payments, all of this by implementing the best payment technology API in the world.