Asevatu Digital Service Agreement

Our internal policies and plans outline what can be expected from our services, how we handle information, how we work with our business clients and how we plan and deploy our products and services.

Asevatu Digital is a contemporary digital agency which specialises in creating and developing our clients’ online business. Asevatu Digital does its best to supply our customers with the best possible online business outcome. Please read through the following work policies to make sure we meet, and hopefully exceed your expectations and at the same time you know what to expect from our services.

Asevatu Digital provides our clients with an all-in-one digital product and online service. We pride ourselves for using the latest, most cutting-edge technology and this is reflected on our clients’ businesses. In this sense we source all our work internally and use our preferred technology dealers; The following is a short list of the most common sourced technology that we provide for our clients:

  1. Infrastructure (hosting) – Asevatu Digital uses dedicated Servers and tightest infrastructure – we do not use the common “cheap hosting” or external providers for hosting. We have our dedicated supplier for this, which provides us with the best possible infrastructure for your site, online shop or web application. We provide all the support needed for your site, and you don’t need to contact multiple parties to get something done or to get assistance. It is all centralised within our agency service.
  2. Design & Development – We are professional digital marketing agency and as such, we have very reliable designers and a lot of experience behind us. Because of this – we don’t take design instructions from our clients, nor we take external designs to create our work. We strictly provide our own designs for your project and even though we are flexible and take a lot of input from our clients like inspiration, mood boards or even brand guidelines. We don’t work as a “designer for hire”. We will present a finished and completed project which works best for your specific business.
  3. Delivery time – Depending on the size of your next project with us, the timing might differ from the original quote, specially if there is a lot of back and forth. However we always do our best to try to meet the original timeline that we will give you at the start of your project.
  4. Meetings – Asevatu Digital years of experience have shown us that the best and most effective means of communication in the digital world is digitally as well. Given it’s nature – we require that most of the communication is done via professional emailing. This way – we ensure that all is written and we can always revise our communication history and if tasks are by written, they won’t go anywhere. Meetings in person have proven to be quite a time spender and not necessary in most cases. We will guide you step by step, so we ensure that everything is in place and everything gets taken care of. Of course there might be times where a phone call might be needed for something urgent, however our experience tells us that this is most unlikely to happen.
  5. Security – Asevatu Digital takes security very seriously. The web is crawled with malware, viruses, hackers and bots. We do our best and use very tight security practices to minimise this. Constant maintenance and backups are essential to our service, and prefer to not work with clients who refuse to see this. We ensure that your website is up and running all the time. Asevatu Digital has systems in place to monitor the online businesses of each of our clients and in the worst case scenario that one of our clients’ online businesses is down, we will ensure that it will be up and running in the same day.
  6. Maintenance & Support – Crucial for a business. This includes having an online business’ systems up-to-date and in the best conditions. Vulnerabilities get presented when there is a lack of maintenance, so we make sure that everything is updated, from the core, plugins and custom code. Maintenance is essential and an online business cannot and we won’t allow to run without it. Maintenance has a monthly cost, once the site or project is up and running, the cost will depend on the size of the finished project. Maintenance also serves as a warranty to ensure your site is always up and running and clean of hacks, malware, viruses, etc. In the worst case scenario of a disaster – the site will be put back online on the same day. We use technology that allows us to monitor in real time.In terms of Support – we will make sure that the site and it’s features are bug-free and we will provide maintenance responding to clients requests and fixing problems in the next couple of days if presented. Support varies from site to site, depending on the size of each project.
  7. Refunds Policy – Asevatu Digital do not provide refunds under any circumstances. Given the nature of the digital work of development. Our work cost is based on the time and effort spend, not on a product per se. As such we do not give any refunds.

Please ensure you also read our Terms and Conditions

We hope to work together in the future and to make your online project a reality.

Asevatu Digital